Stillwater Story


Why you might buy in Stillwater, Auckland

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Where is Stillwater?

Yep, that’s a big advantage. If you crave a little seclusion in your life, Stillwater at just 45 minutes from the city is one of the secret corners of Auckland. You can live an almost rural lifestyle on your quarter acre plot. You can hide out in the garden and barely know you’re still on planet Earth…

It’s a great community

It still has a community association that runs a beautiful large community hall that’s just about to have a basketball half court added to it offering get fit options Ponsonby would be jealous of, and yet your home would be right in the neighbourhood amongst the leafy streets.We also have the hidden equivalent of a RSA with the local Boat Club offering a bar and old fashioned kiwi pub meals. Join up and enjoy inexpensive food cooked for you as you knock back your favourite bevvies.

Natural highlights

The birds. Tui, Keruru, Kotare, Fantail, Qual, even pheasant running across the roads, they’re everywhere. There is so much green, down to the river and on the other side, it’s gorgeous. In fact it’s so great that the national walkway, Te Araroa passes through Stillwater You could offer BnB if that was your style and the river is just a delight. Totally tidal, it is high and low every day and it’s amazing to watch the boats running high on the tide one moment and lying on the bottom nec minit.

We are South/East of Silverdale

If you had some confusion, we are not the much marketed Millwater. That’s a classic new subdivision north/west of Silverdale, we’re south/east and there isn’t a bare land section in the area that we have noticed. We’re a fully developed object of natural beauty.

10 minutes away

From the Silverdale motorway ramp (that’s as close as Red Beach in peak hour) and a bit closer than that to the massive great Pak’N Save. Then just add 5 more minutes and you’re in Orewa, arguably one of the best beaches in the world, and littered with cafĂ©’s and restaurants and boutique shops to meet every need. If you need a mega mall and a big cinema, that’s just 20 minutes away in Albany or 5 minutes to the Silverdale mall, countdown, warehouse and shops. But the critical point here is that Stillwater is one of the absolute best commuting spots on the Hibiscus Coast. It’s also one of the safest. It’s extremely rare to wait a long time for ambulance or police. 

And the drive isn’t all ashphalt, houses and factories

Your drive to work down the 8 minute country road gives you a chance to drink that coffee you made on the way out, and drink in the gorgeous lifestyle blocks and nature that exist all the way back home at night, the perfect destressing drive at the end of the day.

river-views-web.jpgThe kids if you have them get to the local schools easily

Yes, Stillwater is rural, so we have school buses! The local colleges and lower schools are all well serviced by a fleet of buses morning and afternoon. It could not be simpler to get the family to school on time than from Stillwater.

Speaking of the kids

It’s safe to swim in the Weiti river and there are lots of local events throughout the year for kids to get involved in. Fishing, water safety, film nights, it’s all happened here.

If you’re a boatie

It’s an all condition launching ramp at the Boat Club and whilst there’s limited ability to bring a boat up this driveway, boaties can look for a mooring with AT and there are many storage facilities within a reasonable distance of the Club.

And your dog will love you for bringing them here

It’s a great place to walk and exercise the dog. Long games of catch on the reserve, a 30 minute round Stillwater walk can always include the reserve and everywhere else here as well. If they like getting wet it’s safe for them to jump in the water near the boat ramp or the camp ground. Oh and the cat will love staring at the view, but do the right thing, keep them in at night, the native birds deserve a restful night!

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